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> As stable branches got discussed recently, I'm kind of curious who is
> actually stepping up to make icehouse able to pass tests in any real
> way. Because right now I've been trying to fix devstack icehouse so that
> icehouse requirements can be unblocked (and to land code that will
> reduce grenade failures)
> I'm on retry #7 of modifying the tox.ini file in devstack.
> During the last summit people said they wanted to support icehouse for
> 15 months. Right now we're at 6 months and the tree is basically unable
> to merge code.
> So who is actually standing up to fix these things, or are we going to
> just leave it broken and shoot icehouse in the head early?
>         -Sean
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> Sean Dague
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We should stick with the longer support for Icehouse in my opinion. I'll
happily volunteer time to help get it back into shape.

The other question is will Juno *also* have extended stable support? Or is
it more of an LTS style thing (I'm not a huge fan of the LTS model, but it
is easier in some regards). If every release is getting extended support,
we may need to look at our tool chains so we can better support the


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