On 10/02/2014 07:57 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
> Michael Still wrote:
>> I agree with Sean here.
>> The original idea was that these stable branches would be maintained by
>> the distros, and that is clearly not happening if you look at the code
>> review latency there. We need to sort that out before we even consider
>> supporting a release for more than the one year we currently do.
> Well, it's just another area where the current model fails to scale.
> It's easy to only talk about gating and release management and overlook
> vulnerability management, stable maintenance and other horizontal tasks
> where the resources also don't grow nearly as fast as new integrated
> projects and complexity.
> As far as stable is concerned, the fix is relatively simple and has been
> proposed a while back: push responsibility of stable branch maintenance
> down at project-level. The current stable-maint team would become
> "stable branch release managers" and it would be the responsibility of
> each project to maintain their stable branch, backport fixes and making
> sure things can get merged to it.

I disagree that's the simple fix. Because the net effect is that it's
pushed back to the only people that seem to be working on OpenStack as a
whole.... see ranty rant in other part of this thread.

Decentralizing this responsibility if we're talking about any more than
5 or 6 integrated projects, makes it unsolvable IMHO. I just kicks the
can down the road with a "we solved it" stamp... when we did no such thing.

If I can't merge the nova fixes because heat is killing the stable tree
(which it currently is), then clearly I can't as a nova dev be
responsible for that. People have already given up on that in master,
there is no way they are going to care on stable.

> Those projects may or may not be willing to commit to 15 months
> maintenance (which means maintaining 2-3 stable branches in addition to
> master). But I think what they can commit to is a better reflection of
> what we can achieve -- since without upstream support it's difficult to
> keep all stable branches for all integrated projects alive.
> I already planned to dedicate a cross-project workshop (or a release
> management scheduled slot) to that specific topic, so that we can have a
> clear way forward in Kilo.


Sean Dague

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