2014-10-02 14:19 GMT+02:00 Duncan Thomas <duncan.tho...@gmail.com>:


> What is actually needed is those who rely on the stable branch(es)
> existence need to step forward and dedicate resources to it. Putting
> the work on people not interested is just the same as killing them
> off, except slower, messier and creating more anger and otehr
> community fallout along the way.

I'm paid by one of those distros that are interested in stable branch
maintenance but have no idea what needs to be done other than saying
"I'm interested in helping out". I've been proposing patches to
backport every once in a while already and being frustrated that it
takes weeks if not months for someone to review them and potentially
merge. What are the queries that people are supposed to look at ? How
can I help in pushing patches or look for gating failures *specific*
to stable/ branches?


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