> The original idea was that these stable branches would be maintained by the
> distros, and that is clearly not happening if you look at the code review

Stable branches are maintained by the _upstream_ stable-maint team[1]
where most members might be from (two) distros but please note that
all PTLs are also included and there are members who are not from a
But you're right, if this stays mostly one distro effort, we'll pull
out and do it on our own.
/me looks at other non-named distros

> latency there. We need to sort that out before we even consider supporting a
> release for more than the one year we currently do.

Please consider that stable branches are also needed for the security
fixes and we, as a responsible upstream project, need to provide that
with or without distros. Stable branch was a master branch just few
months ago and it inherited all the bugs present there, so everybody
fixing a gate bug on master should consider backporting to stable at
the same time. It can't be stable-maint-only responsiblity e.g.
stable-maint doesn't have +2 in devstack stable/* or in tempest (now
brancheless, so master) branches.


[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/admin/groups/120,members

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