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> As far as stable is concerned, the fix is relatively simple and has been
> proposed a while back: push responsibility of stable branch maintenance
> down at project-level. The current stable-maint team would become
> "stable branch release managers" and it would be the responsibility of
> each project to maintain their stable branch, backport fixes and making
> sure things can get merged to it.
> Those projects may or may not be willing to commit to 15 months
> maintenance (which means maintaining 2-3 stable branches in addition to
> master). But I think what they can commit to is a better reflection of
> what we can achieve -- since without upstream support it's difficult to
> keep all stable branches for all integrated projects alive.

I don't see that much interest for doing this from many of the core
teams, so I think a likely result of this would be to make things
worse, not better. It's fine to say something is now their
responsibility, but that does little to nothing to influence where
they actually choose to work.

What is actually needed is those who rely on the stable branch(es)
existence need to step forward and dedicate resources to it. Putting
the work on people not interested is just the same as killing them
off, except slower, messier and creating more anger and otehr
community fallout along the way.

Duncan Thomas

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