Chris Dent wrote:
On Tue, 11 Nov 2014, Adam Young wrote:

My suggestion, from a while ago, was to have a naming scheme that deconflicts putting all of the services onto a single server, on port 443.


The current state of affairs is indeed weird.

It is, and as BUIs move more towards client's doing the access of the URLs, it
is something we need to fix - since most browsers restrict cross-domain access (including different ports on the same host) for security reasons.

This is the reason that the Horizon guys wrote a kind of reverse-proxy WSGI to enable demonstrations of the AngularJS work last week - so that
all the REST API calls were back to the origin of Horizon itself.

Is this something that ought to be considered in the api-wg's

That would appear to fit within the aims of that working group.



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