Hi all,

We have almost year old (from last update) reviews still in the queue for 
glance. The discussion was initiated on yesterday's meeting for adopting 
abandon policy for stale changes.

The documentation can be found from 
https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/glance-cleanout-of-inactive-PS and any input 
would be appreciated. For your convenience current state below:

Glance - Cleanout of inactive change proposals from review

We Should start cleaning out our review list to keep the focus on changes that 
has momentum. Nova is currently abandoning change proposals that has been 
inactive for 4 weeks.

Proposed action (if all of the following is True, abandon the PS):

  1.  The PS has -1/-2 (including Jenkins)

  1.  The change is proposed to glance, glance_store or python-glanceclient; 
specs should not be abandoned as their workflow is much slower

  1.  No activity for 28 days from Author/Owner after the -1/-2

  1.  There has been  query made to the owner to update the patch between 5 and 
10 days  before abandoning (comment on PS/Bug or something similar)

  *   Let's be smart on this. Flexibility is good on holiday seasons, during 
feature freeze, etc.

-          Erno
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