Hi Boris,

Thanks for your input. I do like the idea of picking up the changes that have 
not been active. Do you have resources in mind to dedicate for this?

My personal take is that if some piece of work has not been touched for a 
month, it’s probably not that important after all and the community should use 
the resources to do some work that has actual momentum. The changes itself will 
not disappear the owner is still able to revive it if felt that there is right 
time to continue it. The cleanup will just make it easier for people to focus 
on things that are actually moving. It also will make bug tracking bit easier 
when one will see on the bug report that the patch got abandoned due to 
inactivity and indicates that the owner of that bug might not be working on it 
after all.

-          Erno

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I believe that keeping review queue clean is the great idea.
But I am not sure that set of these rules is enough to abandon patches.

Recently I wrote blogpost related to making OpenStack community more user 


Patches on review are great source of information what is missing in project.
Removing them from queue means losing this essential information. The result
of such actions is that project doesn't face users requirements which is quite 

What if that project team continue work on all "abandoned" patches  that are 
valid use cases and finish them?

Best regards,
Boris Pavlovic

On Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 3:52 PM, Flavio Percoco 
<fla...@redhat.com<mailto:fla...@redhat.com>> wrote:
On 13/02/15 11:06 +0000, Kuvaja, Erno wrote:
Hi all,

We have almost year old (from last update) reviews still in the queue for
glance. The discussion was initiated on yesterday’s meeting for adopting
abandon policy for stale changes.

The documentation can be found from https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/
glance-cleanout-of-inactive-PS and any input would be appreciated. For your
convenience current state below:

Thanks for putting this together. I missed the meeting yday and this
is important.
Glance - Cleanout of inactive change proposals from review

We Should start cleaning out our review list to keep the focus on changes that
has momentum. Nova is currently abandoning change proposals that has been
inactive for 4 weeks.

Proposed action (if all of the following is True, abandon the PS):

1. The PS has -1/-2 (including Jenkins)

I assume you're talking about voting -1/-2 and not Workflow, right?
(you said jenkins afterall but just for the sake of clarity).
2. The change is proposed to glance, glance_store or python-glanceclient;
   specs should not be abandoned as their workflow is much slower

3. No activity for 28 days from Author/Owner after the -1/-2

I'd reword this in "No activity". This includes comments, feedback,
discussions and or other committers taking over a patch.
4. There has been  query made to the owner to update the patch between 5 and
   10 days  before abandoning (comment on PS/Bug or something similar)

 ● Let's be smart on this. Flexibility is good on holiday seasons, during
   feature freeze, etc.

+2 to the above, I like it.

Thanks again,

Flavio Percoco

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