Erno Kuvaja wrote:
> We have almost year old (from last update) reviews still in the queue
> for glance. The discussion was initiated on yesterday's meeting for
> adopting abandon policy for stale changes.

I'm okay with abandoning old some old reviews which are obviously going
nowhere, such as ones superseded by other fixes or not deemed necessary by
anyone (and should probably have been abandoned by the author). I'm not
convinced about this being a commonplace action for reviews which are currently

James E. Blair wrote:
> Abandoning changes submitted by other people is not a good experience
> for people who are contributing to OpenStack, but fortunately, it is not
> necessary.
> Our current version of Gerrit supports a rich syntax for searching,
> which you can use to create personal or project dashboards.  It is quite
> easy to filter out changes that appear old or inactive, without the
> negative experience of having them abandoned.
> Many projects, including all of the infra projects (which see a
> substantial number of changes) are able to function without
> automatically abandoning changes.
> If you could identify why you feel the need to abandon other peoples
> changes, I'm sure we can find a resolution.

I agree with this. I made (actually hacked up Ironic's. Thanks Ironic!) a
dashboard for glance [1], which is what I use during reviewing. This hides a
lot of the reviews which look stale, and is fairly good at getting an overview
of the reviews which require attention.

Using or editing a dashboard for your own daily use removes the need to abandon
the majority of the changes this proposal suggests.



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