So issue is, I know of few other openstacks on k8s and everyone does
that slightly differently. So far we lack proof points and real world
data to determine best approaches to stuff. This is still not-to-well
researched field. Right now it's mostly opinions and assumptions.
We're not ready to make document without having a flame war around
it;) Not enough knowledge in our collective brains.

As for Kolla-k8s we are still deep in development, so we are free to
take best course of action we know of. We don't have any technical
debt now. Current state of stuff represents what we thing is best

There is also part that k8s is constantly growing and it lacks certain
features that created these issues in the first place, if k8s solves
them on their side, that will affect decision on our side.

Welcome to the Chaos;)

On 22 September 2016 at 09:53, Flavio Percoco <> wrote:
> On 22/09/16 09:39 -0500, Michał Jastrzębski wrote:
>> Flavio,
>> So as you surely know k8s is an orchiestration tools, docker is
>> container engine. If you are running k8s, you still run docker:)
> I know this (although, if we really want to nitpick you could technically
> use
> something else than docker :P). In my email I mentioned that I'm interested
> in
> documenting how one would deploy OpenStack on kubernetes, which is likely
> different from how you'd deploy OpenStack on docker (or any other container
> runtime).
>> Kolla-kubernetes is a part of Big Tent, is project developed by Kolla
>> community and we're close to our big showdown:) Come over to our
>> session in Barcelona, in the meantime I suggest you look at
>> and join us at
>> #openstack-kolla
> Thakns for the info. As I mentioned in my email, I know kolla-kubernetes,
> I've
> reviewed some specs and patches, etc. I am, however, interested in something
> different which is how you'd deploy OpenStack on k8s. Is kolla-kubernetes
> doing
> this the right way? Is there a better way to do it? These are the kind of
> things
> I'd love to document. I know some OPs have contributed to kolla-kubernetes
> too.
> Thanks for getting back,
> Flavio
>> On 22 September 2016 at 09:09, Davanum Srinivas <> wrote:
>>> Flavio
>>> Please see below:
>>> On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 7:04 AM, Flavio Percoco <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Greetings,
>>>> I've recently started looking into the container technologies around
>>>> OpenStack.
>>>> More specifically, I've been looking into the tools that allow for
>>>> deploying
>>>> OpenStack on containers, which is what I'm the most interested in right
>>>> now
>>>> as
>>>> part of the TripleO efforts.
>>>> I'm familiar with the Kolla project and the tools managed by this team.
>>>> In
>>>> fact,
>>>> TripleO currently uses kolla images for the containerized nova-compute
>>>> deployment.
>>>> I am, however, looking beyond a docker based deployment. I'd like to
>>>> explore
>>>> in
>>>> more depth a Kubernetes based deployment of OpenStack. I'm familiar with
>>>> both
>>>> kolla-kubernetes and fuel-ccp, their structure and direction*. Both
>>>> projects
>>>> have now advanced a bit in their implementations and made some
>>>> decisions.
>>>> As someone that started looking into this topic just recently, I'd love
>>>> to
>>>> see
>>>> our communities collaborate more wherever possible. For example, it'd be
>>>> great
>>>> to see us working on a reference architecture for deploying OpenStack on
>>>> kubernetes, letting the implementation details aside for a bit. I'd
>>>> assume
>>>> some
>>>> folks have done this already and I bet we can all learn more from it if
>>>> we
>>>> work
>>>> on this together.
>>>> So, let me go ahead and ask some further questions here, I might be
>>>> missing
>>>> some
>>>> history and/or context:
>>>> - Is there any public documentation that acts as a reference
>>>> architecture
>>>> for
>>>>  deploying OpenStack on kubernetes?
>>>> - Is this something the architecture working group could help with? Or
>>>> would
>>>> it
>>>>  be better to hijack one of kolla meetings?
>>>> The restult I'd love to see from this collaboration is a reference
>>>> architecture
>>>> explaining how OpenStack should be run on Kubernetes.
>>> At this moment, fuel-ccp-* is an experiment, it's not under
>>> governance, there is no expectation of any releases, there are no
>>> specs or docs that i know of. So kolla/kolla-kubernetes is probably
>>> the best accumulator of kubernetes knowledge specifically about
>>> running openstack.
>>> Note that tcpcloud folks may also have something, but haven't seen any
>>> public information or reference architecture from them. Definitely
>>> don't know of any plans from that team as well to open up and share.
>>>> Thanks in advance. I look forward to see us collaborate more on this
>>>> area,
>>>> Flavio
>>>> * thanks to all fuel and kolla contributors that helped me understand
>>>> better
>>>> the
>>>>  work in each of these projects and the direction they are headed
>>>> .
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