Apologies for delay in response – my backlog is large.

Forgive me if I parsed your message incorrectly.  It came across to me as “How 
do I blaze a trail for OpenStack on Kubernetes?”.  That was asked of me 
personally 3 years ago which led to the formation of the Kolla project inside 
Red Hat.  Our initial effort at that activity failed.  Instead we decided 
kubernetes wasn’t ready for trailblazing in this space and used a far more 
mature project (Ansible) to solve the “OpenStack in Containers” problems and 
build from there.

We have since expanded our scope to re-solve the “How do I blaze a trail for 
Openstack on Kubernetes?” question since Kubernetes is now ready for this sort 
of trailblazing.  Fuel and several other folks decided to create derived works 
of the Kolla community’s innovations in this area.  I would contend that Fuel 
didn’t need to behave in such a way because the Kolla community is open, 
friendly, mature, diversely affiliated, has a reasonable philosophy and good 
set of principles as well as a strong leadership pipeline.

Rather than go blaze a trail when one already exists or create a derived work, 
why not increase your footprint in Kolla instead?  Red Hat has invested in 
Kolla for some time now, and their footprint hasn’t magically disappeared over 
night.   We will give you what you want within reasonable boundaries (the 
boundaries all open-source projects set of their contributors).  We also accept 
more work than the typical OpenStack project might, so it’s not like you will 
have to bring donuts into the office for every patch you merge into Kolla.

As to your more direct question of reference architecture, that is a totally 
loaded term that I’ll leave untouched.

To answer your question of “Does Kolla have a set of best practices” the answer 
is yes in kolla-ansible and kolla itself and strongly forming set of best 
practices in kolla-kubernetes.


On 9/22/16, 4:04 AM, "Flavio Percoco" <fla...@redhat.com> wrote:

    I've recently started looking into the container technologies around 
    More specifically, I've been looking into the tools that allow for deploying
    OpenStack on containers, which is what I'm the most interested in right now 
    part of the TripleO efforts.
    I'm familiar with the Kolla project and the tools managed by this team. In 
    TripleO currently uses kolla images for the containerized nova-compute
    I am, however, looking beyond a docker based deployment. I'd like to 
explore in
    more depth a Kubernetes based deployment of OpenStack. I'm familiar with 
    kolla-kubernetes and fuel-ccp, their structure and direction*. Both projects
    have now advanced a bit in their implementations and made some decisions.
    As someone that started looking into this topic just recently, I'd love to 
    our communities collaborate more wherever possible. For example, it'd be 
    to see us working on a reference architecture for deploying OpenStack on
    kubernetes, letting the implementation details aside for a bit. I'd assume 
    folks have done this already and I bet we can all learn more from it if we 
    on this together.
    So, let me go ahead and ask some further questions here, I might be missing 
    history and/or context:
    - Is there any public documentation that acts as a reference architecture 
      deploying OpenStack on kubernetes?
    - Is this something the architecture working group could help with? Or 
would it
      be better to hijack one of kolla meetings?
    The restult I'd love to see from this collaboration is a reference 
    explaining how OpenStack should be run on Kubernetes.
    Thanks in advance. I look forward to see us collaborate more on this area,
    * thanks to all fuel and kolla contributors that helped me understand 
better the
      work in each of these projects and the direction they are headed
    Flavio Percoco

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