On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 10:39:11PM -0500, Michał Jastrzębski wrote:
> Hello Tom,
> I must say I think this is bad news - especially for projects like
> Kolla - ops centric.
> One of reasons we created PTG in the first place is that Summit became
> big and expensive, and project developers had harder and harder time
> attending it due to budget issues.

So a trip to PTG is really cheaper than summit? Is the PTG one
sponsored by someone?

> PTG would offer many of these devs
> opportunity to talk to their peers, other project developers and build
> OpenStack dev community.

> If project attends PTG, and most of them
> plans to (again, Kolla included), that is a travel for project team.

A big IF here ...

> If we hold 2 PTGs per year, that's big hit on travel budget (but still
> smaller than summit).
> PTG becomes very important for project team, summit arguably will
> become less important as many of developers will be able to afford
> only PTGs.

Summit is less (or just NOT) important to developers, emm ... that is
true if 1) the team knows exactly what users/ops want so they don't even
bother interact with them, just focus on getting things done; 2) the
person who approves your trip request also believes so.

> If we say that "Don't expect Ops at PTG", that means
> OpenStack dev community will become even more disconnected from Ops
> community.

Wasn't that part of the plan? Or maybe the Ops will travel four times a
year, go to the summit twice for (watching) shows and go to the PTGs
twice to interact with the team that is busy discussing implementation
details ...

> Let's not forget that OpenStack is ultimately operators
> tool, they need to care for it and in my opinion having close
> relationship with them is extremely important for good of project. If
> we raise cost of keeping this relationship, that might really hurt
> OpenStack.

> Cheers,
> Michal

I really hope I was totally wrong.


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