joehuang wrote:
> For most of contributors in the Tricircle project from Asia, I would like to 
> know whether it's possible for the project to have PTG in Asia somewhere 
> before the PTG in Atlanta, and then some representatives from the project to 
> attend the PTG in Atlanta if there are cross project topics to be discussed 
> with other project teams.
> (To gather the team in Asia will make most of our contributors easier to get 
> the budget from their own organization, we have discussed this topic in 
> yesterday's weekly meeting)

Tricircle is not an official project yet, and when it is, it is likely
to be tagged single-vendor at start, with most contributors coming from
a single organization and geographic area.

So yes, it makes sense for Tricircle to organize a local team meetup
separately, and send a few representatives to participate in discussions
with other teams in Atlanta. Once the team is official and grows more
diverse (organizationally and geographically), then joining the PTG will
make more sense.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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