En/na Luca Olivetti ha escrit:
> En/na Luca Olivetti ha escrit:
>> I managed to connect a serial cable and get a bootlog and it is 
>> definitely a danube.
>> The bootlog is similar to the one here:
>> http://wiki.openwrt.org/OpenWrtDocs/Hardware/T-Com/Speedport_W700V
> That page links to http://www.kessler-design.com/speedport-w700v/ where 
> I could download a tool to split the firmware file into its components, 
> The problem is that part 1 and 2 are compressed with an unkwnown 
> compression. Both start with the (hex) bytes 21 43 65 87 (if you reverse 
> the nibbles that's 12345678). Does that ring a bell to someone?

Ok, I finally "decoded" the obfuscated parts, so in theory it should be 
possible for me to create an image compatible with the brn bootloader in 
the device.

So, what is the status of ifxmips/danube? Does the adsl interface work? 
Do the FXS ports? Also, would it work with a different switch (a realtek 
RTL8306SD) instead of the adm6996ix in the reference board?

Another problem is that the on-board bootloader decompresses the 
run-time code at 0x80002000 (from the bootlog: "Unzipping firmware at 
0x80002000 ... [ZIP 3] [ZIP 1]  done") and then supposedly jumps to it.
I see that the "sinus 154 dsl" has a similar bootloader and there are 
some patches at http://ar7-firmware.berlios.de/openwrt/patches.html.en 
to hardcode the startup address, however that page seems to be very old 
and I cannot tell if the patch is still needed and/or how to make a 
similar one for ifxmips.


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