On Tuesday 21 October 2008 03:49, Csaba Halász wrote:
> I don't personally have ac3d either, so I asked other people :)
> When texrep is omitted, it defaults to texrep 1 1 as per the spec, and
> that means texture *is* repeated, according to the texture
> coordinates. Also, when texrep is set to 1 1 in the gui, upon saving
> the texrep attribute is omitted.
> Using texrep 0 0 scales the texture coordinates to 0, 0 so the whole
> area is filled with the corner texel (this seems to work same in osg)
> We couldn't come up with a way to produce clamped textures in ac3d.
Hmm ok.

John, I intent to make the ac3d loader load files like they are in ac3d. That 
is with all time texture repeate on and default to 1.

For your problem I can see two solutions:
* add an ac3d options struct
* install a read callback in the osgDB::Registry of your local application 
where you modify the texture parameters

will thet read callback be an option for your problem?
If so, I would prefere this solution.



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