on a fresh build of latest OSG with default configuration options, all examples and applications based on osgViewer crash if any of the multi-threading modes are enabled (including the default one). This happens on Vista x64 with an nVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT card and latest drivers (178.24). I've also tested on another Vista system with a GeForce 6800 and less recent video drivers.

The crash takes place in GraphicsWindowWin32.cpp at line 1701, when wglMakeCurrent() is called, but only if OSG_MULTIMONITOR_MULTITHREAD_WIN32_NVIDIA_WORKAROUND is defined (which is the default). The reason seems obscure to me, and I wouldn't classify it as a bug, since the workaround code is just that: a workaround for a driver bug. I just wanted to report that applications built with this workaround enabled will probably work fine on XP (and maybe Vista 32) but will crash on Vista x64, at least under conditions similar to those of my two systems.


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