Just to kind of sum up what has been said here...

To get the vertices and other vertex attributes, you use get* methods in the
Geometry class. See the Geometry header file.

There could be dozens, possibly thousands of Geometry objects in your scene
graph. You use a NodeVisitor to walk your scene graph and look for Geodes,
then iterate over the Drawables that are attached to the Geodes, using
dynamic_cast to access the Drawable as a Geometry. For more info here, grep
for "NodeVisitor" in the OSG source code. NodeVisitors are used throughout
OSG, so finding them should be easy. Also take a look at the Geode header,
and note that Geometry derives from Drawable.

Finally, the OSG Quick Start Guide has lots of applicable information that
will help you out: http://stores.lulu.com/pmartz. It seems like there have
been a lot of posts recently by people who have not bothered to take a look
at this free resource.

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