Chris 'Xenon' Hanson wrote:
>   I don't think I'm qualified to nominate myself for this right now.
>   However, I'm wondering who does have SVN commit access, and if one of these 
> people is
> willing to accept interim changes? I have several finished changes ready to 
> check in, and
> I worry about them getting stale. With concurrent development, other people 
> could
> potentially get conflicted with my changes and make more messy work for down 
> the road than
> inf they had my changes to start from. Likewise, I dislike submitting more 
> than one
> "change" at a time -- for example, I revised Vec3d for a particular purpose. 
> I would like
> to get that in with the purpose/explanation before I make any new changes to 
> Vec3d for a
> different purpose -- that way the SVN commit chain of evidence is clear that 
> this one
> checking serves on single purpose.
>   Is anyone else willing to accept, screen and integrate SVN changes right 
> now?

  It seems like we don't have any capacity in this regard right now. I'll 
shorten the
question -- other than Robert, who does have SVN commit access?

  Historically, one of my roles in the OSG community has been to point out the 
has no clothes" moments when we finally acknowledge we're again putting too much
responsibility onto Robert, and call for new ways to shave some non-critical 
roles off his

  Previously this has been the impetus for the separate submissions list, the 
Wiki, the
Spelling Bee, and some others.

  I'm wondering if Robert's request for outside assistance here is the time for 
some of
the community to step up to the plate and contribute more effort to the 
administration of
the project's source.

  Are there others out here who have successfully been involved in the source 
or other significant FOSS projects? Maybe with experience with code review?

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