Hi Chris,

  It seems like we don't have any capacity in this regard right now. I'll 
shorten the
question -- other than Robert, who does have SVN commit access?

Well, I think you've been with us for a while now, so you must have some idea about this. It seems to me that whenever commit rights are given to others, it's been for specialist duties. For example:

- Maintenance of update branches (for example maintenance of the 2.6.x branch after 2.6.0 was done by Robert) - Development and maintenance of specific branches and parts of OSG (for example, the osgAnimation branch, the XCode projects, etc.)

But no one has had commit access to the SVN repo as a whole except Robert. On one hand I can understand a certain desire to keep the core under control, but I think a good part of commits (maybe upwards of 80%) could be done by other people, since they're either easily verifiable bug fixes or changes to non-critical parts of OSG (i.e. anything other than the rendering backend).

  I'm wondering if Robert's request for outside assistance here is the time for 
some of
the community to step up to the plate and contribute more effort to the 
administration of
the project's source.

I agree that, on one hand, people could volunteer, but historically Robert has been reluctant to give commit rights, preferring to review submissions himself. Instead, he told them to focus on other things like improving documentation, the wiki, answering more questions on the mailing list, etc. So it's understandable that if, in the past, people volunteered only to be told that it wouldn't happen, they're reluctant to volunteer now.

I don't want to speak for him of course, just replying from what I remember since he hasn't done so himself yet.

I would gladly volunteer but I have little time to devote to the task. I wouldn't want to say I'll help with submissions only to hold them up myself... Perhaps in the future I'll be able to, but right now I can't.

Anyways, I agree with your point that the management of submissions needs to be decentralized. The "bus factor" on OSG (at least on commits to SVN) is too low...

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