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> OsmAnd routes drivers going to buildings near freeways to use a freeway 
> offramp rather than the nearby street. It should prefer streets because it 
> is illegal to park a car on a freeway offramp.

I think the real issue is that "compute car route to point" is really
"compute route to point by car to close, assuming you will walk the rest
of the way, and that the rest of the way walking is possible".   This is
even harder because there are many things about the world that are not
on the map, like parking on some streets, and entire parking lots.

So, I think a routing algorithm needs two things:

  ignoring preferences on the last segments

  having some notion of weight for ending place, so that a
  non-limited-access highway way is better, even if a bit farther wawy.
  Perhaps choosing the road point to go to should be a pre-step before
  route computation, or perhaps it should be integrated.

Overall, I think routing needs to move away from fastest time to some
blend of time, distance, and other factors.   For example, ending on a
motorway_link could be worth a penalty of 500m, compared to some other

Also, one could expect routes to be a joint car/walking route, and use
footpaths, or not to cross fences.

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