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The PAC doesn't seem to have fallen on a political oblivion 


Last weekend I put on my PAC t-shirt, (I had not worn PAC things for
many years), despite the unfavorable climate these days. as it was month
end, a lot of people were thronging to town for varied reasons. It was
very much intrigued that I can count approximately 10 people who greeted
me in open palm salute of PAC. They would shout or acclaim "izwe lethu".
Typically was an old woman, who must have been at her eighties, this
woman was very thrilled. She recounted to me how police raided PAC camps
in Lesotho, and she expressed her profound sadness at the untimely
passing away of Prof Sobukwe. She continued to express her very deep
sense of disappointment with the current antecedents making a continued
history of internal rivalry in the PAC. Comrade:

In your previous email you argued that there was no schism in this
organization, except people taking over the PAC, probably to amass
accruals through this organization. Be what this concerns maybe, their
controversy and so on. Without taking any side, I was elated that ten
people on Saturday gave PAC recognition. However, we fail to exploit
these opportunities. I understand there were two separate PAC events
celebrating hero's day. Can't we be pragmatic? Let's face reality and
engage each other, let us dialog on the differences. Some time ago, I
refrained from entering the fray between these groupings. I think now I
can put my points very clear, let us unite. People ay to us izwe lethu
when they greet us, but we say amongst ourselves my enemy when we greet
one another.



Kind Regards

Mduduzi Sibeko





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