I've received several comments like that from Africanists friends over the 
weekend, as a response to the ANCYL conference/GNC announcements.  You all say 
the PAC space is been taken over by the Charterists.  This also spells the 
danger of reinventing the PAC in a political climate where the basic positions 
of the Party are held by others.  Well, comrades, they say you cannot be more 
catholic than the pope.  This is posturing and trying to sound unique and 
militant, and the ANCYL is known for this act (which they do not mean).


The real problem is that the PAC is tjoepstil on any political matter and on 
any current affair of note.  In this age of advanced communication technology 
and a knowledge-based, constantly changing social phenomenon, it is treason to 
fail to put across your views officially so that the public and the electorate 
can access the other point of view.  I have personally talked to Letlapa and 
Mudini about this first in 2006, and repeated the point over and over again 
each time we met and talked - to no avail.  PAC is a political organisation and 
it will prevail or fall  on the basis of how it conducts itself politically:  
there should be politics in the forefront of all our activities.  Instead they 
seemingly choose to focus on internal money making schemes, intrigue, lies, and 
to snipe at the internal opposition who put up a fight for their seats in 
office.  The prevailing culture is to put yourself first and let the devil take 
the hindmost.  Very clearly, Thami Plaatje is one such spineless jelly fish.  
They put their mouth where the money is.  Hence the dysfuctional set up we are 


The results is that the PAC is not mentioned in any significant sense when 
alternative to the rulling party is discussed.  It is regarded as a dead 
organisation.  There was a time when the PAC was in the doldrums and every 
analyst at least repeated the ANC propaganda that there were only 14 of us and 
a fax machine.  Mudini is a media person by training and experience, and 
Letlapa is a former APLA High Command member.  They both are highly trained in 
the ways of the PAC and its politics.  It is the loss of focus that we should 
correct and stop the blockade towards a democratic all inclusive forum to 
revitilise the PAC.  


Malema's is not sincere with what he says.  This is the fight between the 
tenderpreneurs and the others within the Charterists, and the ANCYL is jostling 
for a good position on the trough.  Puree and simple.  The PAC must get its act 
together.  Time is running out.



Subject: [PAYCO] 
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2010 09:24:48 +0200

Dear Jackie Seroke
It is very much unfortunate that, compounding our dysfunction as a significant 
opposition, is our failure to influence the policies if the incumbent 
government of the Charterists.  It would seem that the charterists are 
undercutting  all what we stood for. This failure is doing much harm and damage 
to our existence.  Some years ago, Thabo Mbeki self-styled himself as an 
Africanist expressing the call of African Renaissance, and the PAC, as a matter 
of fact, could rather watch that in a distance. Recently, the so called 
left-leaning Malema of the ANCYL has a made an important call. The call that 
should have been long made by the PAC, Hear what Malema says “"It's a simple 
policy. We're going to take the land, but we'll compensate and we'll determine 
the price. We go to (slain AWB leader Eugene) Terre'Blanche's farm and say: 
'For these many hectares we will give you R2m, thank you” .maybe to clarify my 
argument, the PAC used to be vocal on the land question, however these days we 
seem to be complacent, and have our call championed by populist who are paving 
their way to state’s accruals and to what Thabo Mbeki termed as careerism 
within the ANC. Would the PAC be able to influence public opinion or have any 
say in the public policy formulation process.
Kind Regards
Mduduzi Sibeko

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