Don O'Malley wrote:
The new patch download service - - is now available for testing.

I have completed the necessary changes to PCA to make it work with the testing service of "". The current development release (20101119-01) includes these changes:

 * Use correct URLs when sshost is set to
 * Include and use VeriSign certificate for HTTPS downloads from Oracle
 * Disable JAR downloads when using Oracle server
 * Use standard wget authentication options with Oracle

It can download the patchdiag.xref, the sample patches and the patch READMEs from the new patch download service by setting the "sshost" option to "". The "user" and "passwd" options must be set to the "My Oracle Service"-Account as well.

Of course this is for testing only, and not for production: The new patch download service on is available for testing only, and does not provide all patches!

As soon as the service goes into production (planned for Dec 10th), a new stable release of PCA will be published which will use "" by default. Let's hope for a flawless transition!


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