2009/3/31 Alexandre Porres <por...@gmail.com>:
> so we need :someone" to manage the system, ok, but then I see that this
> problem is kinda well solved, right?
> But how do you all see the writting of articles? Is it growing out well? I
> believe "someone" could also direct how things are going, and that a main
> team could work on it by fomenting its development and all...
> right?

Something like a WikiProject on wikipedia? It would be good to have
standards on how articles should be formatted and what kind of
information should be presented. I see there has been some effort to
generate a standard layout for an article on an object, with inlets,
outlets, arguments and messages as separate sections; but I can't find
a good article to serve as an example for how all articles should
look. The best I can find is:
If more articles looked like this, I think pdpedia would be much more useful.

Do we want pdpedia to just be a reference manual of objects, or do we
also want to include design patterns such as the [pack 0 0 0 0
0]/[unpack 0 0 0 0 0] idiom mentioned elsethread, tutorials, good
practices and suchlike?


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