so we need :someone" to manage the system, ok, but then I see that this
problem is kinda well solved, right?
But how do you all see the writting of articles? Is it growing out well? I
believe "someone" could also direct how things are going, and that a main
team could work on it by fomenting its development and all...



On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 9:46 AM, marius schebella <> wrote:

> the "someone" would be in charge of the server space and the
> maintainance of the mediawiki (accounts, updates, spam, search
> functionality, synchronization with other documentations). this could
> also be done by several people, but usually the responsibility is with
> one person. all the rest can easily be done by a group of admins or
> even be totally open to the public.
> I guess the work that is missing at the moment is not so much about
> writing all the articles.
> marius.
> 2009/3/31 Alexandre Porres <>:
> > Hi, welll, so "someone" needs to take over?
> > I would definately be interested on this. I do, nevertheless, feel I bit
> > clueless as I dont know the way to the source of all objects. And cant
> > really be an expert on things other than audio/music.
> > I also consider rather unfair to be the work of only one ho has taken
> over.
> > I do believe in forming a team, things like that.
> > Anyway, with the convention this year and all, I hope to bring this issue
> > into round tables and discussions, make some noise on the list to see if
> a
> > small group would move a bit their asses to launch this out.
> > I could kinda take it over this way. I could definately make the
> commitment.
> > But I cant be the one and only. I am not even a Native Speaker/Writer of
> > English.
> > So please help me out here, I also need a partner to guide me and help me
> > not getting so bit clueless.
> > Cheers
> > Alex
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