Shot some kids football again. Great fun.

I’m somewhat mystified by those who say the K-1 is ill suited for sports 
photography. In continuous autofocus mode it pretty much nails every shot. And 
even under somewhat dim stadium lights with night closing in, ti’s possible to 
get decent results at ISO 6400 followed by a two stop push — an effective iso 
of 25,500. 
Just beginning to process these, but I had to post a couple. Here’s the shot at 
25,800, K-1 DFA 150-450, f 5.6, 1/1000th. TA mode with ISO limit set at 6400, 
then two stop push in rendering:

This one was shot before it got dark, but the light was getting dim. Again K-1 
with DFA 150-450, F8, 1/1250th, ISO 6400, minimal exposure adjustment in 

No problem with autofocus all night. Loving that camera.

Will post a GESO once I’ve rendered more of these.
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