jco...@iinet.net.au wrote:
  Yes, I did mean 800!  I am essentially comparing performance with
the ist-D,  the smoothness of the K5 at 800 is impressive, and I
don't want to push the ISO too high unnecessarily, being really happy
with the results I'm currently getting.  No doubt the shot will come
along where I will find higher ISO capability really needed, and will
use it then.  I tried a shot at 12800 at home, and it was noisy -
perhaps I need to have the time to experiment more, but on a trip of
a lifetime like this I ain't taking no chances!

That's why I'm saying that when you have the time, after you've taken the shot at 800, try it at 3200. Do both so that you can compare. Also, don't look at a shot and say "it's not worth trying because it's too dark, I'd have to use too high of an ISO". You lose 100% of the photos that you don't even try to take.

John in NY

Larry Colen  l...@red4est.com (postbox on min4est) http://red4est.com/lrc

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