> On 17 October 2016 at 05:57 Larry Colen <l...@red4est.com> wrote:
> P.J. Alling wrote:
> > Larry, I downloaded the software from Metz to see what was inside it.
> > The Exe file on the site is a self extracting archive. Inside is the
> > actual driver updates and software to install them. I tried to read the
> > instructions to figure out if you could manually push them to your
> > flash, but unfortunately the instructions for the installation itself
> > are in German. Strangely the instructions to remove the installer from
> > your system when you're done with them are in English. I get the feeling
> > that Metz is a pretty schizophrenic corporation. My German is so rusty
> > that it's damn near nonexistent.
> The good news is that I have upgraded my flash firmware.
> Nicole has a windows 10 laptop for her in car data acquisition system. I 
> was, eventually, able to figure out how to do things enough to 
> accomplish the task. Windows 10 is not trivially intuitive. The Metz 
> upgrade software is not much better. I would also think that a company 
> the size of Metz would have at least one native English speaker that 
> they could ask to peruse the documentation so that the English comes out 
> better than had they just run it through google translate. Seriously, it 
> was bad. If you want people to associate you with quality, just spend 
> the money to have someone proofread your documentation in the target 
> language.

Just go one step up the directories in the link you provided to here:
and there are links to eminently followable instructions for both Windows and
MAC.  Not for any flavour of UNIX/Linux, unfortunately.

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