Well, FWIW there's another one on April 08, 2024. Will cross into the US
somewhere east of Big Bend National Park in Texas and proceed diagonally
north-eastward across the US into Nova Scotia somewhere north of where
I-95 becomes Canada Highway 2.

Looks like the path of totality crosses Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas,
Missouri, western Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, SE Michigan,
Ontario-Pennsylvania-New York border area, Vermont, New Hampshire,
Quebec, Maine & Nova Scotia.


There's an Annular Eclipse Oct 14, 2023 across the western US - Oregon
to Texas gulf coast. Looks like that one will be about 95% of totality.

Still haven't decided whether to make a road trip out to the mid-west.
I'll be sleeping in my car.

Checking the 10 Day Forecasts for various cities in the path right now
to see how good my chances of getting clear skies in the NC-Tennessee
border area just south of Great Smokey Mountain National Park are.
That's still my primary selection, unless it gets to looking REALLY bad.

On 8/4/2017 22:49, Darren Addy wrote:
I would suggest that one of the following links would contain
information superior to the New York Times regarding photography of
this event:



and further, that if you are not at least attempting to SEE, in
person, this relatively local event (for North Americans) that you
will be missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don't talk to me
about "bucket lists" if you let this thing pass you by. I've been
looking forward to it for over 15 years.

Darren Addy
Kearney, Nebraska

Science - Questions we may never find answers for.
Religion - Answers we must never question.

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