Maybe it will be unusually dim.

On 8/5/2017 17:58, Mark C wrote:
The Naval Observatory's website my hometown in west Michigan will see
82.7% obscuration.

I'm not interested in photographing the eclipse itself but am thinking
of places to shoot landscapes under the unusual light of the mostly
obscured sun. At least I hope it will be unusual -- maybe it will just
be dim.


John wrote:
I think even Detroit will get a partial eclipse something like 82%.

On 8/4/2017 21:19, Paul Stenquist wrote:
Saw that, will take a look, although I have no plans to shoot the

Paul via phone

On Aug 4, 2017, at 8:34 PM, Stanley Halpin
<> wrote:

I subscribe to the New York Times digital edition (7 days a week)
and also get the print edition every Sunday.

I earlier received an announcement that this coming Sunday in the
print edition only they will have a special section on the eclipse.
For those who have access to the NYT at a local bookstore or
newsstand, it might be worthwhile to track down a copy this


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