Thanks for that link, Eric.  Do you (or anyone else) know of a link that will measure/record signal strength in dB?  Spectrum in our area just gave me an upgrade to 100mb down and 10mb up, but I continue to have an issue with signal strength that causes the modem to completely drop both phone and internet.  Spectrum offers the fastest speed, but one needs to have some reliability as well.


On 10/5/2017 8:42 AM, Eric Featherstone wrote:

On 5 October 2017 at 14:25, ann sanfedele <> wrote:
I thought I had adobe flash but apparently not - I tried to do a speed test
on Spectrum web site and it says it needs
Adobe Flash.. yesterday it gave me a plug in to click on.. today I get nada.
The speed tester at :
doesn't require flash, so you should be good to go.
(Their legacy speedtest page does require flash, so don't bother with that.)

I have windoze 7 pro - where is it safe to gather and install it to use on
either or both Firefox and chrome?
FWIW Chrome has flash built in, and when chrome auto-updates it also
updates its version of flash. Personally I'm reluctant to install
flash other than as part of chrome for that reason.

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