Thanks, Paul. I looked at a number of ASUS offerings before eventually going back to Samsung to match my other monitor.


On 7/9/18 11:59 AM, Paul Sorenson wrote:
You didn't wait quite long enough. :-)

The ASUS Professional series would be just what you need.  I have the PA249Q, which was replaced by the PA248Q.  The difference being the 249 calibrates to both sRGB and Adobe RGB, while the 248 is sRGB only.  All three of their Pro series pivot to either landscape or portrait and the 248 is pretty reasonable priced.

I found that the 249 that I have calibrates well and holds its calibration.  I seldom have to make more than small changes, if any, using a Spyder 5 Pro.  I suspect the 248 runs as well.


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