I want a 4k monitor.

I've got plenty of time to save up for it, because I have to see what I'm going to need to do about my video card to be able to use a 4k monitor. Just the last few seconds of looking I can see there's a steep learning curve I'm going to have to climb before I've learned enough to shop wisely.

On 7/9/2018 17:02, Doug Brewer wrote:
You so fancy, Larry. That's a little above my pay grade.

This will actually become my third monitor, replacing an old Cinema Display I've had around since Cinema Displays still existed in the wild. Since I mainly shoot b/w, it's been fine, but the difference in color between it and the Samsung next to it has become too much of an issue for me: trying to match them is an ongoing struggle I've decided I no longer enjoy.

In related news, for a guy who has sworn off portrait work, I sure kept a flaming imperial shit-ton of portrait equipment when we moved. And now this monitor thing happened. I'm worried.

On 7/9/18 1:33 PM, Larry Colen wrote:

Doug Brewer wrote on 7/8/18 3:14 PM:
Hi, troops.

I am on a quest for a reasonably priced portrait mode monitor. Any suggestions?

I recently picked up one of these:

It has something that can be screwed into the back to mount it vertically, it also has the universal mount on the back for the standard wall plate

I'm actually using it for my horizontal, I've got another monitor on a swivel mount that is my "second monitor" which is configured vertical.



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