On Fri, Aug 10, 2018 at 10:51:27AM -0700, Larry Colen wrote:
> John Sessoms wrote on 8/10/18 10:22 AM:
> > The Escort was a great economy car, but if it ever overheated enough to
> > pin the gauge, you were looking at a new engine. Aluminum cylinder block
> > warped. The dealer advised me it would be cheaper to replace the engine
> > than to try to repair it.
> I don't think that the '69 Escort was ever imported to the US.  It was a
> replacement for the Ford Anglia and had a cast iron "Kent" motor, same as
> the Cortina, pushrod Pinto, and same base as Formula Ford and a bunch of
> Lotuses of the time.

My parents had one of these (the 'estate', i.e. hatchback).
A good basic car - I drove it quite often.  My mother did comment on my
driving style once, when I was picking her up after she'd spent a weekend
as a house guest at a colleague's cotswold cottage (in  Windrush - Cotty
will know how nice an area that is).  I got the loan of the car for the
weekend if I was prepared to pick her up.
She compained that she'd been jostled around in the car somewhat as I
negotiated a roundabout (we were on the major road, and had right of way,
so didn't have to slow down and yield to other traffic), but forgave me
when I explained that one of the tyres (US - tires) had blown just as I
entered the roundabout, so I was basically driving a three-wheeled car.

In 1972 (when I officially left home to take up my first job after
graduating I was offered the choice of my mother's old Morris Minor estate
(for free) or the Escort (at significantly below fair trade-in value).
I opted for the Moggie, and my younger brother purchased the Escort.
A few years later he totalled it when he fell asleep behind the wheel
and clipped a kerb (US - curb), flipping the car onto it's roof.
Fortunately both he and his girlfriend were relatively unscathed.
Also, fortunately for him, I was visiting my parents at the time, and
I was the one who answered the phone. That meant I was the one to tell
his girlfriend's somewhat over-protective father that his precious daughter
was currently being treated in the emergency room at the local hospital :-)

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