Yeah, my Escort would have been the second generation North American Model with the "1.8 L (1839 cc) Mazda BP I4" engine.

Looked almost exactly like this one, although mine was a 1995.

On 8/10/2018 13:51, Larry Colen wrote:

John Sessoms wrote on 8/10/18 10:22 AM:
The Escort was a great economy car, but if it ever overheated enough to pin the gauge, you were looking at a new engine. Aluminum cylinder block warped. The dealer advised me it would be cheaper to replace the engine than to try to repair it.

I don't think that the '69 Escort was ever imported to the US.  It was a replacement for the Ford Anglia and had a cast iron "Kent" motor, same as the Cortina, pushrod Pinto, and same base as Formula Ford and a bunch of Lotuses of the time.

I think that you're thinking of the later front wheel drive Escort rather than the rear wheel drive.

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