There was a rear wheel drive Escort! Built and sold overseas in the seventies 
In its highest state of tune - with a twin cam four cylinder it was quite a 
ride. Some were raced competively in the U S in several series. 

It sort of filled the gap left by the Cortine.

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>I thought that it was the Ford Prefect in Britain, and the Galaxy.  <G>
>Dan Matyola
>On Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 3:45 PM, John Sessoms <> wrote:
>> I hadn't thought about Ford using the "Escort" name in Europe/Asia for
>> many more years before they used it in the U.S.
>> I suspect yours was an earlier model with a more robust engine than my
>> 1995 U.S. model.
>> On 8/10/2018 19:53, John Coyle wrote:
>>> I guess I was lucky, John - the car kept going for some years after that:
>>> it wasn't a lucky car
>>> though, it was stolen twice, once just after I had it resprayed British
>>> Racing Green!  Suckers must
>>> have thought it was a fast car!
>>> John in Brisbane
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>>> The Escort was a great economy car, but if it ever overheated enough to
>>> pin the gauge, you were
>>> looking at a new engine. Aluminum cylinder block warped. The dealer
>>> advised me it would be cheaper
>>> to replace the engine than to try to repair it.
>>> Plus that Escort had a plastic radiator that could "leak" bits into the
>>> new engine to block coolant
>>> flow, causing the new engine to fail as well.
>>> YMMV, but that's how *my* Escort wagon died.

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