I've owned three of them, the biggest problem is they are getting old, first sold with the SF series bodies, (1984ish), first "successful" Pentax auto focus system.

There are a number of points of failure that become more likely as the lens ages.   \

The problem is that the replacement parts are all from donor lenses which have the same wear.

Don't get me wrong I love the lens, but of the three I own, one is in pieces for parts to repair the second which is now jammed, which I didn't try to get repaired because I was able to buy the third, for less than the cost of the repair and shipping.

On 10/2/2018 10:42 AM, Subash Jeyan wrote:
i've just got myself an F 70-210 f4-5.6, though it'd actually be two
weeks before i get my hands on it. the reviews of the lens on the PF
were pretty good and i was curious about the images taken with the
lens. so i went to PPG to have a look. most of the images for that lens
in PPG seems to have been taken by Ken Waller. indeed, the first 15
images or so were his. superb stuff. recognised a few other names from
the list too.

i am glad i bought this lens though it doesn't necessary follow that
the images i make will be half as good. i was planning to take the DA
55-300 on my trek in the himalayas next month but wondering if i should
take this lens instead (coupled with the sigma 17-50/2.8).

here is the PPG link for this lens if anyone else is interested:



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