A number of interesting answers to the "why GPS" question, thank you. 

From the answers, I think my long-held workflow practices from non-GPS equipped 
cameras manage to do the same job … when traveling, I keep a journal and update 
it daily with the names and places of everywhere I've visited, any interesting 
sights, any specific photo ops I've made. Since LR came available in 2006, I've 
input a digest of this information with every import operation as IPTC 
information … locations, subjects and notion in keywords, etc. So it's 
typically a lot faster for me to say, "Hmm, where was this photo made and what 
other photos were made around there?" and find the answers by searching IPTC 
metadata rather than depending upon GPS information. GPS information adds to 
that IPTC metadata, but since only one or two of my cameras (and the 
smartphones) have ever had GPS tagging in them, way more of my needs in this 
domain come from the metadata tagging that has been part of my photography 

(Older photography from the film era … well, I did the same annotation of the 
negatives with keywords, location, etc on the negative sleeves…)

Since the focus of my photographic efforts is only casually documentarian in 
nature for the most part, the notion of "needing" automated location/time-date 
stamping as part of my photographic efforts has simply never been part of my 
personal work by much. It is something of a curiosity when I go out with only 
the iPhone or the Light L16 cameras and later review the original photos I 
import in the Maps module of LR Classic. 

And of course, I normally strip all metadata in the photos I post to my flickr 
site. To me, the reason for posting photos has little to do, most of the time, 
with where, when, and what equipment was used in the making of the photos. I'm 
interested in the emotional content and expression of photographs, not in the 
literal description of what is imaged… 

Curious stuff to think about. Thank you again. 

No matter where you go, there you are.
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