I keep the GPS of my K-1 always on so I don't forget to switch it on.
How much faster this drains my battery, I have no idea.
After a day trip I take the SD card out and also recharge the battery.
Almost never need a spare battery.


Op 2024-01-22 om 12:04 schreef Bob W PDML:
I can see the value of it even if it’s something that I don’t have much need 
for personally.

To me it would be quite useful sometimes for a camera to connect automatically 
(ie without all the ridiculous faff of camera WiFi connections) using Bluetooth 
or Ant+ or something similar to external devices which have GPS, such as a 
phone, smartwatch or Garmin bike device. So when you press the shutter it can 
just write the current position and time into the image file. I imagine that 
would be less of a drain on the battery than keeping a built-in GPS active.

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