The state of these modules differs, since they are not all maintained by
the same person. For example, I only maintain Email::Outlook::Message.
Of course, since that module depends on Email::MIME, my module is also
affected by any lack of maintenance thereof. There are procedures in
place for taking over abandoned modules if necessary.


On 25/06/18 11:08, p...@cpan.org wrote:
> Hi! I would like to ask: What is the state of the perl Email::* modules?
> Currently there are lot of open pull request without review, some of
> there more then year. Who is the maintainer or supporter of Email::*
> modules? Currently, rjbs as primary person does not respond to emails.
> For Email::MIME & co there is e.g. prepared change which add support for
> Unicode file names and more people are asking when it will be merged.
> Apparently there is no reaction on this topic.
> So what is status of Email::* modules? Does silence now mean that
> modules are abandoned / unmaintained? I guess so.
> PS: Is somebody still active on this pep mailing list?

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