* p...@cpan.org [2018-06-25T05:08:32]
> So what is status of Email::* modules? Does silence now mean that
> modules are abandoned / unmaintained? I guess so.

You are mistaken.

The answer is the same as every other time you have asked:  I am here, I am
alive, I am interested, and I am extremely busy, so these don't often make it
to the top of my list.

We don't have any sort of sense of community here or a practice of shared code
review, so everything comes down to "when does Rik have the time to consider
each change."  That is "not all that often."

If we had three or four people who committed to create a better sense of group
responsibility, maybe we'd see more progress.

The last thing you wrung your hands about "we have no maintainer!" was
something for which we didn't even have a clear and isolated fix, so the task
here wasn't "nobody will review and apply this commit," but "nobody is willing
to write a fix."  So, in that sense, yes, nobody is doing active maintenance on
Email::Address much of the time, but somebody is alive.

With Email::MIME, keep in mind that part of maintenance is not just applying
any old patch, because people rely on this software to not change too
radically.  So, there has to be not only patches, but also review and
consideration, so "we aren't adding new features" isn't always a sign of
disrepair, but can also indicate "we don't have the time to predict the impact
of these changes on existing users."

So:  you can wait for me to have more time, or people with some vested
interest can agree to step up to do more in general.

I'm not going to be shamed into doing a release that might break things and
cause me ten times as much work as leaving things be.


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