On Monday 25 June 2018 08:31:08 Ricardo Signes wrote:
> * p...@cpan.org [2018-06-25T05:08:32]
> > So what is status of Email::* modules? Does silence now mean that
> > modules are abandoned / unmaintained? I guess so.
> You are mistaken.
> The answer is the same as every other time you have asked:  I am here, I am
> alive, I am interested, and I am extremely busy, so these don't often make it
> to the top of my list.

Ricardo, since June nothing happened... People are still asking for
changes in created pull requests and now downstream distribution
maintainers started to creating fork of your cpan distributions just to
address problems which were not fixed/reflected in upstream cpan.

Please, can you clarify state of your cpan modules? Are you going to
maintain them in near future? And if not, can you take ownership or
maintenance to other people, e.g. those who are started to create
downstream distribution fork?

Because having fixes and patches just in system distribution and not on
cpan is really bad situation which just say that upstream cpan is dead!

Also this would cause incompatibility for applications in system
distributions which starts depending on fixes/features available in
system, but not on cpan...

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