* p...@cpan.org [2019-01-17T06:25:04]
> I'm really disappointed as you have not wrote anything about this topic
> as people are already there...

I'm not dead.

I am avoiding this list because I find your messages and attitude about it to
be really off-putting, and whenever I come back, I feel like I'd rather go do
something else.

My position remains:  this code works, and any change needs to be well vetted,
and so far I haven't spent enough time to be satisfied that it's okay to go.
Maybe I'll have a go at it again soon.

When you first showed up to work on Email::MIME headers code, I said "you'll
probably be happier if you just fork it," but you didn't.  Now you're talking
about trying to take the namespace over, which won't happen as long as I'm
responsive to PAUSE admins.  Which I am.

I am happy to work on this project some, but when I show up and see obnoxious
messages about how I owe anybody anything, or how I'm a deadbeat, it's a pretty
good way to get me to say, "Hey, I'm just going to say it works well enough and
also now I'm going away."

I'll make another pass through the PRs next week.  For now, I'm going to go do
something more enjoyable.


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