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--- Darren Duncan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> At 10:23 AM +0300 12/11/07, Richard Hainsworth wrote:
> >Darren Duncan wrote:
> >>At 9:04 AM +0300 12/10/07, Richard Hainsworth wrote:
> >>>Equally, Something to replace CGI or DBI will be essential to the 
> >>>uptake of P6. I would far prefer to have a skilled and resourceful
> >>>professional, such as yourself or Damian Conway write these 
> >>>modules than leave it to enthusiastic amateurs such as myself.
> >>
> >>I for one can assert that both of these are being produced right 
> >>now. Also that neither is part of the Perl 6 kernal, though the 
> >>kernal may enhanced over time to better support them. -- Darren 
> >>Duncan
> >
> >A great relief. Fantastic.
> >
> >Where should I be looking to see what is happening. Is there some 
> >form of coordination of this module writing activity?
> Look in the ext/ subdirectory of Pugs version control to start with, 
> as it contains a bunch of Perl 6 modules in various stages of 
> completion, some doing http or web stuff, and some doing database 
> stuff.
> One place to look for some coordination is on the perl6-users list. 
> They were discussing a CGI replacement awhile ago, and Juerd made a 
> proposal plus some example code, which became HTTP/ and Web/ under 
> ext/.
> On various DBI lists there was some talk about DBI-2, which it ended 
> up will have a foundation written for Parrot with bindings for Perl 
> and other languages.
> There is also a mod_parrot project.
> There is also my Muldis DB project, a version of which is written in 
> Perl 6, and which is being built rigorously.
> These efforts are all separate from each other, as per CPAN module 
> development in general, and there is no one coordination point of all
> of it.
> But the work is still getting done nonetheless.
> As for standards, well those tend to be defacto.  Whichever of these 
> projects get functional and used will likely set the pace for what 
> comes next, which may include forming the basis for more formal 
> standards.
> -- Darren Duncan

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