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On Tuesday 11 December 2007 09:20:22 Paul Hodges wrote:

But on this general note, is there any current organization or location
where small problems are being parcelled out? I'd love to help, but my
time is as limited as everyone's.... If I could get small bites of work
to do, maybe I could contribute something useful.

Anyone requesting one black-box module or function at a time? Or am I
pipe dreaming?

I used to publish a Pugs and a Parrot task of the week in the newsletter, but there didn't seem to be much uptake and so it slowly dissolved.

It might be nice to have a small list of bite-sized tasks for the interested linked off of and the various project pages. I know there's a Perl 6 wiki around here somewhere, so in theory all we need is someone to prune the page regularly and poke various projects asking for a couple of small tasks for the uninitiated.

-- c

I realize now I sent a post directly to chromatic regarding this issue, but I've developed an idea using an existing technology that could really help for organizing something like this. is a task/to-do list organizer application written using Jifty. It's created and mainted by the Best Practical team. I would be willing to maintain a group on hiveminder and people interested in getting involved can create accounts and have tasks assigned to them. These tasks could easily be tracked and monitored in an organized fashion with rss feeds available for viewing by say; Just an idea...

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