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I've created a group on www.hiveminder.org for Perl6 collaborative task tracking and management. I've done some thinking and I've come up with a way in which I would like to maintain this group, its organizers and its members.

Organizers ( moderators ) -

A group organizer ( much like myself ) has the ability to add tasks to the 'up for grabs' section. This is where all Perl6 related tasks should be placed first, since they have yet to be assigned. An organizer is able to check and see the status of who/what is going on with a certain task that has been assigned to a group 'member'. I believe a group organizer also has the ability to appoint tasks to group members.

Members ( our community hackers ) -

A group member is an individual who can freely login ( once an invite has been sent to them ), check to see what's 'up for grabs' and self assign a given task to him/herself. These tasks can be monitored by the group organizer(s).

[ a call for organizers ]

Ok, so here is what I need. I would like a few key individuals ( namely those in a position to make decisions regarding what is/is not a task for Perl6 related development ) to get involved as group organizers. This way key individuals who know what is going on with the group and what needs to be done next are able to post those tasks in the 'up for grabs' section.

[ a call for members ]

For those of you who are planning on contributing your time and code, a response to me off list would be greatly appreciated. This way I can send you all invites through hiveminder and we'll be well on our way to better Perl6 task organization.

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Any questions? :)

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