On Tuesday 11 December 2007 09:20:22 Paul Hodges wrote:

> But on this general note, is there any current organization or location
> where small problems are being parcelled out? I'd love to help, but my
> time is as limited as everyone's.... If I could get small bites of work
> to do, maybe I could contribute something useful.
> Anyone requesting one black-box module or function at a time? Or am I
> pipe dreaming?

I used to publish a Pugs and a Parrot task of the week in the Perl.com 
newsletter, but there didn't seem to be much uptake and so it slowly 

It might be nice to have a small list of bite-sized tasks for the interested 
linked off of dev.perl.org/perl6 and the various project pages.  I know 
there's a Perl 6 wiki around here somewhere, so in theory all we need is 
someone to prune the page regularly and poke various projects asking for a 
couple of small tasks for the uninitiated.

-- c

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