Mark Overmeer wrote:
In March 2006, Sam Vilain and I started to think about a new CPAN
what we named CPAN6.  There is a lot of information about the project on

I know about CPAN6, thanks. It's come up a couple of times on IRC. Perhaps you could hang out on the IRC channel so we don't have different people going off in different directions with CPAN.

Core Perl people did really discourage me by continuously debating about
the name of the project, instead of helping to implement it.

I can see how this could be a point of contention. If I made a website called I'd expect some flack from the Gimp people.

A) Can we add "version", "target" flags to CPAN metadata? I was thinking that current modules would all be version=1 and target=perl5.

CPAN does not have an official concept of version numbers on distributions,
but only on the pm files which are inside the distribution.

I know, thanks. I was suggesting a change.

The problem is more serious.  Perl6 installation needs to have multiple
versions of the same module installed in parallel (and even run within
the same program!).


D) In addition to target=perl5 and target=perl6 we could have target=parrot.

IMO, we need many more.  What you call "target" is actually a namespace.
The current CPAN archive has only one target.

Target, namespace, same difference. It's an identifier to divide modules into categories.

F) In summary, we have a possible course of action:

There is a lot more structurally problematic.  Please read one of my
papers on the website.

I have scanned through the first one. It's 30 pages...


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