Mark Overmeer wrote:
I know about CPAN6, thanks. It's come up a couple of times on IRC. Perhaps you could hang out on the IRC channel so we don't have different people going off in different directions with CPAN.

It's not a discussion like "let's make a change to the current set-up",
so IRC doesn't seem to me a good spot to discuss it.

Nonetheless, IRC seems to be the place where discussion does happen. IRC has pros and cons over email. If you want to convince people to make the new CPAN the way you want, you have to join the conversation wherever it takes place.

Workshops, Hackathons and YAPCs are more suitable.

But those venues are not available on a day-to-day basis.

Trying to keep-up with normal email is already a daily struggle.  Besides,
having 9 hours time-difference with the West Coast doesn't help:

I have a 9-hour difference with the US West Coast. I suspect that I am in the same timezone as you. In addition, wayland76 is in Australia, and that's a 7h time difference between him and me. But somehow it works.

I had a discussion of two days about "versions" with Sam Vilain.  What
we came up with, is that there is only one solution:

Where did that discussion happen? Here? Could you send me the link to the right page on the list archives?

F) In summary, we have a possible course of action:
There is a lot more structurally problematic.  Please read one of my
papers on the website.
I have scanned through the first one. It's 30 pages...

Oh, that's the small one.

In that case, I don't think I have time to read your papers. I'm sorry. I have other work to do.

One other problem with a long paper is that it is not a conversation. It is a one-way communication medium, so it is less likely to build consensus (unless the paper itself was written through a consensus process).


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