* Daniel Carrera (daniel.carr...@theingots.org) [090529 08:17]:
>> Workshops, Hackathons and YAPCs are more suitable.
> But those venues are not available on a day-to-day basis.

At least, you get the time to discuss it in depth. Some even basic meta-
data issues are just too complex for the short size of email, let alone
IRC.  Will you be at YAPC::EU in Lisbon?  Let's BoF.

>> I had a discussion of two days about "versions" with Sam Vilain.  What
>> we came up with, is that there is only one solution:
> Where did that discussion happen? Here? Could you send me the link to  
> the right page on the list archives?

He (from NZ) stayed at my place (in NL) for a few days before YAPC::EU
2007 (UK) where we gave a presentation about the subject.  The results
are in the initial paper page 22-24
A lot of the content of that design paper comes from discussions with
many, many people.

>> Oh, that's the small one.
> In that case, I don't think I have time to read your papers. I'm sorry.  
> I have other work to do.

Reading a paper is much less work than following IRC.  When the brain-
storm on IRC is over, someone will have to structurize the ideas into
pages with comparible size and complexity.

> One other problem with a long paper is that it is not a conversation.  
> It is a one-way communication medium, so it is less likely to build  
> consensus (unless the paper itself was written through a consensus 
> process).

The paper describes many small components which need to be addressed,
with limited detail. Of course, most is open for discussion.  Most did
have a lot of discussion already before it was written down.

IMO, it never happens that things get implemented as described in the
initial design.  So, there is so much what can be changed when people
come up with better plans.

But nothing in there is about Perl6 installation tools or Linux
Distribution packaging, where most of the discussion seems to be about.
The overlap is meta-data definition and data transport.

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